I’ve been up, down, all around

Looking for a place to spend my nights


filed under: things celebrities say that the media sweeps under the rug to continue making controversy over them being “awful role models”

a new production of rent


cast list:

me as mark

me as maureen

me as roger

me as mimi

me as angel

me as joanne

me as collins

me as benny

me as members of life support group

me as parents of all characters

me as the junkies

me as everyone in the orgy during “contact”

reblog if your icon is a sex god from the high heavens

"some people bake pies. we bake ourselves." | that ’70s show



Handling it like a boss.


"Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know…or think we know.”


the town of storybrooke gets frozen ... over (x)

Man, Mom’s kinda crazy.